25th June 2012

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Loki's control over all the women, in action.

  • Carman: my rampant unfettered lust for Loki is causing me much inconvenience
  • Me: holy shit all you women love him
  • Me: EVERYONE WITH A VAG LOVES THAT GUY (a horrible exaggeration, but many of my female friends are obsessed with Loki)
  • Carman: look, sir
  • Carman: he's pretty, broody, and a terrible decision
  • Carman: what is not to love?
  • Carman: sexy sexy space aids
  • Me: I want to save this conversation
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  2. hotel-chelsea-nights said: Thank god for this.
  3. dragontearsandcoversongs said: damn it Joe I clicked “reply” to say “hey here is a female friend who is not obsessed with Loki!” but then my brain worded it “I do not love Loki” which of course led to me thinking about “I Love Loki” like “I Love Lucy” & it was downhill from there.
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